DIMD’s Unwavering Commitment To Quality

Music aficionados will definitely want to take note of the newly developed DIMD PP10 stereo. Boasting precision point-to-point hand writing, excellent harmonic and inter-modular distortion, the PP10 stereo looks set to be this year’s state of the art electronic instrument in both function and design.

DIMD’s unwavering commitment to quality is ‘written all over this stereo’. They used only the best high performance components. Take for example, the self-healing polypropylene coupling capacitors combined with point-to-point hand writing, ensures that harmonic distortion is exceptionally low. We all know that sound quality is largely influenced by the quality of the tubes and DIMD spares no expense by using only a matched pair of ECC83 double triodes in preamp, as well as matched quartet of EL84 pentodes in the power stage that are essentially a perfect match for the DIMD PP10. What this means to the discerning listener is the unparalleled closeness they will feel to each and every sound bellowing from the amplifier. With the high grade components used to build the DIMD PP10 stereo, say goodbye to distortions, for the sound quality is second to none.

On par with sleek Bang and Olufsen stereos, the DIMD PP10 is a design masterpiece. Attractive, elegant and sexy, the 5 mm aluminum frame is made using CNC machines with a stunning satin anodized finish, coupled with a CNC milled solid oak cabinet. A spectacular piece of machinery with a cutting edge design attesting to the focus on detail.

With an impressive list of features including metal film resistors with 1% tolerance, ALPS potentiometer and selector switch and silver plated RCA connectors and speaker binding posts, what you get is sounds that is clear, accurate and pure. A truly inspiring and revolutionary precision electronic instrument that is sure to draw a lot of attention worldwide.

Text: Natalia Simanovsky

Photo source: Dimd