The global trends directly speak about technologically advanced, ‘smart’ cities emerging. It is predicted that the population of those inhabiting urban environment will increase up to 1.5 times reaching 6 billion. To be able to easier and more precisely understand this fast paced environment, and changing consumer minds there are new technological solutions invented.

For many brands there is a great opportunity to use Contextual targeting. New Digital Out Of Home screens will be able to sense the world around them giving the new potential to contextually understand their audience. That allows scheduling of dynamic advertisement and calculation of the most effective time for media content to be showcased to its audience. While at the same time measuring audience’s emotional reactions during interaction with certain media. We believe that everyone at least several times used mobile apps with facial recognition tools and is aware that our facial features are getting scanned almost everywhere. This allows advertising companies to scan our faces by using micro cameras, and to create a personalised ‘self writing’ content considering our emotional reactions.

The contextual targeting arose from our current habits of mobile use and our habits to connect to the internet through our mobile devices. Opportunities of Globalisation are enormous and if we are already thinking to be strongly connected in web then in a very close future we can expect to be ‘strongly tied in it’.  While we all seek more personalised services, content and choices, this is what we give up in exchange.

Photo: Nicolai Berntsen