Brandless Approach to Retail and $3 Price Policy

San Francisco-based lifestyle goods company Brandless has nice and clean packaging design, but instead of using the space for the labelled brand name they just start with naming the ingridients. And their pricing offer is even better, every product costs only $3.

Did everyone of us sometimes started to feel tired when entering the closest store to just get necessary beauty or food product ending up by wondering which of the brands would be a good fit and answer the needs we expect. The screaming voice of advertisement, our previous experiences and urge to try something different may lead us to confusion. Brandless is a good solution.

Ever since there is no specific name for Brandless they do not use the space on package and do not need to pay Brand Tax, other brands do. This allowed the company to deliver best quality without markdown price. Great idea for the new brands on how to use their packaging and build the marketing strategy without focusing on one name label for all the product categories.

Source: Brandless