Why Artist Creates 5% Phone Chat App ‘Die With Me’

The new Die With Me chat app you can access only when having only 5% left from your phone’s remaining power. It seems to be a good idea to play with social experiences when users have something so common as phone dying. How many of you got lost in the unknown city because your phone switched off, stressed out because you cannot reach someone whos phone died and you do not know where they are, the situations can be many.

 Die With Me chat app can be accessed only when having 5% left from your phone’s remaining power


The Die With Me chat app shares that very peripheral moment of our lives and when the battery reaches that very low state you can enter the app and share your last thoughts until your phone goes off. It is an interesting niche platform made by web developer, David Surprenant and his co-partner Dries Depoorter. The project reflects that we might be so addicted using our phones that we won’t miss any second interacting in this virtually social reality. The app can be downloaded for iOs or Android for $0.99.