The current shift in fashion alternates male masculinity. Genderless and oversized garments suggest gender neutrality, at the same time inducing male sensuality. Besides that, designers continue to create their male clothing collections ‘bigger’ and more sensual.

If looking at the global trends, highly emerging men’s beauty industry is predicted to grow enormously in the upcoming years. Men are endorsed to be more sensitive, feminine and beautiful whilst fashion is crossing the gender lines and playing with its boundaries. Moreover, handful of traditional designer brands up-taking and implementing directions of the new emerging male beauty trends. These new forces are shaping the overall understanding of gender fluidity in fashion. 

While meanings of words ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ are tested, abundant amount of fashion brands facing a new challenges of gender representation and opening a dialogue to engage their audiences. Even though many of fashion designers still separate their collections we clearly see the shift towards genderless or unisex choices.

Brands to inspire from: Carhartt, BalenciagaVetementsGosha RubchinskyStella MccartneyFaith ConnectionOff WhiteCOSMSGMWon Hundred. Silhouettes are exaggerated and do not reflect body lines. Current fashion goes beyond gender and form placing its focus on the manifestation of the wearer’s personality.